The Deacons and Deaconess Ministry shall in every way assist the Pastor in his work; consider with the Pastor all requests for letters of transfer; cooperate with the Pastor in providing Baptism and Holy Communion set up, membership visitation of the sick and shut-in, provide Holistic Ministry to the needy and distressed members of the church, using such benevolent funds as may be needed. 

The members of this ministry with skills in Christian instruction, will assist all auxiliaries of the church, as needed.

Ministry members:
Deacon Claybourn and Deaconess Mattie Armstrong
Deacon ("Emeritus") Lawrence and Deaconess Rita Anderson
Deacon Craig and Deaconess Brenda Spears
Deaconess Annette Jackson
Deaconess Bertha Johnson
Deacon Clay Amstrong, Chairman, Board of Deacons
Phone:(813) 933-4201